All the Best with Zita Keeley

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Zita Keeley was born in New York City, NY and currently resides in Highland Beach, Florida. She is married with a son and stepdaughter. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree from SUNY at Stonybrook, Zita worked in the television/film industry where within a few years she became a Vice President of the company.

Following her passion for travel, she was offered an opportunity to lead exclusive tours for families and organizations abroad and enjoyed that until marriage and moving with her husband and young son to Europe for the following 6 years.

While in Europe she was able to indulge her love of travel, visiting over 30+ countries and sampling amazing food and wines. A new passion was born, a love of great wines and cuisine. She was inspired to learn more and did so at the distinguished Cordon Bleu school in London, UK.  The 6 years spent in Europe soon flew by and after moving back to
the USA, Zita continued her studies with notable wine educators becoming a certified specialist of wine, and started her own freelance wine consulting company, All I Do is Wine. Combining her love of food, wine and travel, she also became a partner of French Wine Tours specializing in a series of educational tours throughout France.

Television was never far from her thoughts and so the idea came to create and produce a series of TV shows about enjoying wine and food. She produced and presented the cable TV shows “Time to Wine with Zita Keeley,” on the NJ JAG network. Following that successful venture, Zita partnered with Hoboken-based Coalition films to produce a pilot for a new show ‘Red White and What?’ where agroup of food and wine loving strangers are set a series of challenges to determine a final winner.

Zita had a  book about her wine and food travels around the world and is busy producing and hosting her TV show ‘All the Best’with Zita Keeley, where you will find her cruising the Oceans of the world aboard luxury cruise liners in search of culinary delights and alcoholic temptations both on board ship and in the lands and Islands she visits...


Patrick S Keeley, Executive Producer
Specialties: Creating/executive producing, travel and food lifestyle television programs and various subject documentaries. Writing health related books in the self-help area.\

I am currently working on 'All the Best' with Zita Keeley, a new lifestyle food and travel show. Season 1 is showing on the Holiday and Cruise Channel on the Sky network in the UK. Season 2 is in pre-production.

Also in pre-production, a 52 minute documentary on Guns in America.

●Executive Producer ‘All the Best with Zita Keeley’ TV series                                      
 ●Creative Producer, Red, White & What? A Food and wine challenge show.
●Creative / executive producer,Time to Wine with Zita Keeley
●2 years guest presenter on LIVETV! London,UK.
●Writer and presenter in the documentary films ‘sexual breakthroughs’ and ‘lessons in love’ (IMC Video

Johnny Tsang - Director/Editor
Studying for Film and Fine arts at Long Island University, CW Post Campus, Johnny had always wanted to help create and build visual contents from childhood. At the age of 15, he created his first short narrative film and was accepted to several NY festivals and his name became very well known for his achievements.

During College he was known to be the “go to” person for any projects that is in need of help with a creative eye and proper execution. He even built a team and created his first music video to be broadcasted at BET music channel during his 2nd year at college.

By the year of 2006 he created over 10 narrative films, 15 Music Videos and over 50 cooking television shows. His reputation precedes as he continues to use his creative knowledge and skill to help complete multiple projects and won many film awards on the way.

Johnny's extensive experience in cooking TV shows gave him the passion in food and wine. Currently Johnny works in his own production, creating his own event service business, and continues to directs and produces shows and films.